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José Luis Costa | | (+351) 220 408 808

Genomics core facility

About us

The Genomics Core Facility is a full service facility dedicated to provide investigators state of the art technological solutions in the field of genomics and high throughput analysis. We offer technical expertise and support with experimental design, protocol development, and data analysis guidance. Sequencing is included in the Quality System of Ipatimup Diagnostics, therefore accredited by IPAC norms ISO 15189 and ISO/IEC 17025.The laboratory is an Ion Torrent certified service provider. 



Sanger sequencing

Next-generation sequencing

Metagenome sequencing

Real-time PCR

Digital PCR

Main services

RNA and DNA sample quality control

Sanger Sequencing:

   - Automated analysis of genotyping

   - Sequencing products by capillary electrophoresis

Next Generation Sequencing:

   - Genome sequencing (non-human)

   - Exome sequencing

   - Amplicon sequencing

   - Whole transcriptome sequencing

   - Targeted transcriptome sequencing

   - Metagenome sequencing

Patrícia Oliveira | | (+351) 225 570 785


About us

Ipatimup offers researchers help in the analysis and interpretation of bioinformatics data derived from Next Generation Sequencing experiments (NGS). The bioinformatics analysis services proposed by Ipatimup rely on open source algorithms and highly specialized customizable approaches. Ipatimup provides bioinformatics data analysis services in close proximity with its collaborators, aimed at maximizing the analysis output and an accurate interpretation of NGS data.



DNAseq data analysis:

    - Whole Genome, Exome, Targeted Re-Sequencing;

BisulfiteSeq data analysis

RNAseq data analysis:

    - Whole Transcriptome and Small-RNA Sequencing

ATACseq data analysis

Main services

DNAseq data for variant calling, annotation and integration with data from clinical/biological databases

BisulfiteSeq data for methylation analysis

RNAseq for differential expression and pathway/gene ontology enrichment analyses

ATACseq for identification and annotation of regions of open/closed chromatin

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