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iBiMED Genomics Facility

About us

The iBiMED Genomics Facility (iBiGen) offers next generation sequencing services using Illumina NextSeq550 and MiniSeq platorms. Microarrays services are also available for genotyping (iScan), methylation analysis (iScan), gene expression (Agilent) and aCGH (Agilent) studies. iBiGen can provide bioinformatics support for the analysis of complex datasets generated by either sequencing or microarrays. Our team can help planning experimental designs, choosing methodologies and using advanced bioinformatics and statistical analyses.     


Genotyping (Illumina)

Methylation analysis (Illumina)

Gene Expression (Agilent, Illumina)

Next generation sequencing (Illumina)

Bioinformatics in Genomics

Main services

Sequencing services (for low and medium output projects)

Microarrays services (expression, aCGH, genotyping)

Bioinformatics (microarrays and sequencing studies)

Statistics (experimental design setup, genotyping, sequencing, gene list analysis)

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